Innovative Low-Pressure Solutions

Posted on August 08, 2018 by Georgia Roberts


Z-VAC/Z-POS is a revolutionary rupture disk assembly


Z-VAC/Z-POS operates at very low rupture pressures of both vacuum and positive pressure, and the unique design can save $100,000’s in collapsed tanks, product loss and restriction in storage availability.

The Z-VAC and Z-POS also incorporates the world’s first ever replaceable cutting blade that permits the end user the ability to change out this critical component of dull or blunt cutting blades on reverse buckling disk designs.

There is now no excuse to have storage tanks, brewery vessels, water treatment tanks and likewise imploding, collapsing or creating significant operational difficulty due to the rupture disk assembly not opening sufficiently to give the necessary flow area capacity under pressure or vacuum. For more information on
Z-VAC/Z-POS download the brochure.


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