Custom Over-Pressure Relief with Custom Welded Assemblies (CWA)

Posted on January 07, 2019 by Georgia Roberts


Custom welded assemblies are ideal for customers that have special requirements in the manufacturing, production and testing of rupture disks that can not be met using standard rupture disk products.

CWA’s are manufactured to exacting specifications to meet very low leakage levels, close pressure tolerances and incorporating exotic material selection. CWA offers individually engineered solutions for relief of excessive pressure environments.

Custom Welded Assemblies might be the solution to your rupture disk requirements if you can answer yes to at least 3 of these statements:

1)  I require my rupture disk to be made of special or exotic material.Full Range_0006-1.jpg

2)  I require an ultra low burst pressure (below standard burst pressure)

3)  I require a special disk design to fit my application

4)  I require non-destructive testing performed (i.e. mass spectrometry, radiography, ultrasonic, gas leak/proof pressure, metalographic, eddy current, etc.)


ZOOK’s In-house CWA Department offers
Complete Customized Engineered Solutions:

 CWA Infographic-2.png


Download the CWA Brochure or contact

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